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This credit card offers great rewards ... if you spend $7,500

What would you buy with $7,500?

China will import American rice for the first time

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Lyft changes gears to build its own self-driving tech

Lyft is getting bolder in the wake of Uber's unraveling.

Do you need $1 million to retire? Maybe

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Armstrong moon bag NASA lost sells for $1.8 million

The savvy owner of Neil Armstrong's moon dust bag has made a profit of $1.8 million on the canvas pouch.

Sean Hannity will no longer receive Buckley Award after controversy

Fox News Channel star anchor Sean Hannity will no longer receive the conservative Media Research Center's William F. Buckley Award for Media Excellence at its September 21 gala, sources familiar with the situation tell CNN.

NYT's Trump interview 'was an ongoing negotiation'

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Siemens dumps Russian partner after turbines end up in Crimea

Siemens is scaling back its business in Russia after it learned that power generation equipment was being diverted to Crimea.

'Confederate' team knew backlash was coming

The creative team behind HBO's "Confederate" has responded to the intense backlash to their alternate-history drama.

North Korea's economy grew fast last year but slowdown looms

North Korea's economy grew at its fastest pace since 1999 last year. That boom may already be turning to bust.