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NFL aired unity ad in prime time on Sunday

With President Trump taking aim at the NFL and its players who protest during the national anthem, the league has broadcasted a message of unity.

Airlines are still struggling to get into devastated Puerto Rico

Major commercial airlines are still struggling to fly to Puerto Rico after last week's hurricane.

After Trump, sports media gets political in a whole new way

Fox and CBS broadcast the national anthem live during football games Sunday -- a notable shift away from the usual practice.

German election; More NAFTA and Brexit talks; Tax reform

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Pro-Trump media goes on offense for President in NFL controversy

President Trump's supporters in the media came out in full force this weekend, supporting the President after he called for the firing of NFL players who have chosen to raise awareness of racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.

Megyn Kelly turns to daytime for a shot at her own 'Oprah effect'

Megyn Kelly is a talented, experienced television anchor. She is also an arrestingly glamorous presence on air. And coming off a year of highly personal confrontations with Donald Trump, she is certainly a well-known name to most Americans.

How NFL owners responded to Trump

President Trump this weekend attacked the National Football League and its players who protest during the national anthem.

Drones are more helpful than ever in hurricane-ravaged Texas and Florida

The view from the ground after a devastating hurricane is heartbreaking. The view from the sky is more revealing.

ESPN takes on the politics of Trump

ESPN confronted the politics of Trump and race head-on Sunday.

Mark Warner: I won't stop trying to expose fake Russia-linked Facebook ads

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