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Why Thomas Friedman issued a 'code red' warning to America

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Uber Express Pool is like a minibus with cheaper rides

Uber's new carpooling service may rival the city bus.

3M will pay $850 million in Minnesota to end water pollution case

3M is paying $850 million to end a years-long lawsuit claiming it contaminated water in its home state of Minnesota.

Canada wants to help India lead 'blockchain revolution'

India and Canada are linking up to promote the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

A massive US farming industry fears China trade trouble

One of America's biggest farming industries fears it could find itself in China's cross hairs if President Trump keeps ramping up trade tensions between the world's two largest economies.

Amazon and Whole Foods. CVS and Aetna. A scorecard of the biggest deals

CVS and Aetna. Amazon and Whole Foods. And now, Albertsons and Rite Aid.

Control AI now or brace for nightmare future, experts warn

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Oil under pressure; Fed minutes; U.K. jobs

1. Oil drops: U.S. crude futures fell as much as 1.4% early Wednesday.

AT&T names first three cities to get its ultra-fast 5G network

The promise of faster mobile service is finally getting on the map later this year -- and it's headed south.

The unwitting: The Trump supporters used by Russia

A Donald Trump supporter who unwittingly helped a Kremlin-linked operation to meddle in American politics says he only learned of his part in the Russian plot when the FBI showed up at his doorstep months later.